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Ana & Tiberiu - beautiful Romanian wedding

When beautiful people get together, magic happens. The very first wedding we had in 2019 opened the season for beautiful adventures for us and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for the rest of the season.

So today, we’re sharing the story of Ana and Tiberiu. We felt we’ve known them since forever from the first moment we saw them, even if we just met on their wedding day. Such easygoing and open people that it’s hard not to get swiped in the whirlwind of intense emotions right along with them!

This wedding was such a joy filled event that it’s hard to browse through their images and not get carried away by the the emotions they felt.
As wedding photographers this was a perfect opportunity for us to capture these emotions and genuine feelings of each moment.
Tiberiu got ready in a hotel room that held a minimalist and manly vibe and Ana got ready in a friend’s vacation house that looked like an ad from an interior designer’s magazine.
We always advise our couples to pick a special location to get ready whether it’s a hotel room or an Airbnb special apartment.

Their church ceremony was emotional and they were surrounded by family and friends.

We took their portrait photos at a local museum site full of little special corners that we enjoyed discovering.

The day continued with beautiful details, a most scrumptious cheese bar, a yummy looking candybar and even dog treats!
For everlasting memories, Ana and Tiberiu invited two cartoon portrait artists to draw their guests and cabaret dancers to complete the fun. To end it all, a perfect sparkler exit with everyone cheering for them.

Needless to say we enjoyed being a part of their special day.